Scratches, Dents, and Dings

If you're like us, you park your car in the back of the parking lot. You might even move a shopping cart away from your parking spot and you definitely park as far away from the cart catcher as you can. How about some of those inconsiderate shoppers who open their door like they are the only car in the parking lot? Between the carts, shoppers, and the minor scratch and run, at some point we all need a little repair that's just too minor to turn into your insurance company.

Isn't it just an awful feeling when you walk up to your new car and spot that first scratch, dent, or ding? Well, do not be frustrated. We can make those disappear in a few short hours. This is a service that can be handled through our Service Centerso just fill out a Service Request form and we will contact you. Be sure to check out our Service Specials so you we can take care of everything at one time.